During our World Oceans Day event (Celebrate the Sound/Átl’ḵa7tsem) we shared a few tips and ideas for ways that YOU can protect the Sound’s ocean and communities. Here are links to these websites and more!

  1. If you can, get out on or around the water. Gingerly poke your head into some tide pools, flip rocks to see what lives below them, go canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, windsurfing, swimming, have a picnic and develop a greater appreciation for Howe Sound/Átl’ḵa7tsem
  2. Learn about and implement best practices for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by watching this webinar, hosted by the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference
  3. Learn about Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour who are environmental champions and leaders all around the world in this book, One Earth: People of Colour Protecting our Planet, written by Anuradha Rao – a local author and marine biologist who works in the Sound
  4. Learn more about the Squamish language and place names in their territory
  5. Check out local artists who paint our nature, such as Art by Di, (she did this blog’s cover photo too) 

    Howe Sound – Art by Di

  6. For more on herring follow Harriet the Herring
  7. Marine mammal resources:
    • If you see a humpback, take a photo of its tail and send it to the Marine Education and Research Society. Contact them here.
    • You can also share your marine mammal observations with the BC Cetacean Sighting Network. Download their Whale Report app and record your whale and dolphin sightings! This information feeds into an important citizen science database that can help provide information to scientists, marine transportation companies, and communities so as to protect marine mammals.
    • If you see a blow, go slow! This is the best way to reduce ship strikes that can harm and kill marine mammals 
  8. Don’t miss any more of Bob Turners videos on marine life
  9. Check out the Squamish Wave of Change for lots of educational resources for students
  10. Organize or participate in a shoreline clean up in your community
  11. Learn more about the history of Howe Sound/ Átl’ḵa7tsem in the book, Whale in the Door
  12. Explore conservation hotspots in this online interactive map of the Sound/Átl’ḵa7tsem
  13. Check out the stories and resources on the United Nations World Oceans Day page
  14. Link to the Marine Reference Guide World Oceans Day update
  15. Watch Celebrate Howe Sound/ Átl’ḵa7tsem event recording:

What are you doing to protect Howe Sound / Átl’ḵa7tsem? Let us know!


Art by Ryan Nickerson

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