Today, the Átl’ḵa7tsem/Howe Sound Marine Stewardship Initiative (MSI) released its new five-year Strategic Plan! The Plan brims with optimism and goals focused in two strategic program areas (research & monitoring; education & engagement), and the maintenance and creation of four priority decision-support tools (The Marine Reference Guide, Narrative Reports, Community Map, and the Aquatic Health Report).

This iteration of the Strategic Plan was compiled with the thoughtful feedback, ideas, and insights offered by our Steering Committee and employees. Their support helped to create a new mission, vision and purpose, crystallized our priorities, and provided a well-thought set of principles that we are committed to operate within.

These set the stage for an ambitious mandate, one that project staff and leadership hope will propel the MSI to the forefront of marine leadership and planning.

As part of this process, the MSI identified objectives associated with the Plan’s goals, and is committed to reporting out on progress every year.

Now that we have a solid plan in place, the work begins to realize our goals. We look forward to having your continued support as we move forward in creating a sustainable future for people and nature alike.

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